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Egg McMuffins Are Made From Real Eggs, According To McDonald’s


In McDonald’s latest quest to tell us exactly what we’re eating when we order off its menu, the fast-food company released a video Monday morning asking the question, “Does McDonald’s use real eggs?”

Keeping with the same format used for past videos describing how McRib patties, Chicken McNuggets and fries are made, host Grant Imahara takes viewers through yet another factory tour.

In the video, Imahara interviews Harry Herbruck, executive vice president of operations at Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, about the two kinds of eggs they provide to McDonald’s. Herbruck says that “fresh shell eggs … are used in the Egg McMuffin” and liquid eggs are used in McGriddles Sandwiches, biscuit sandwiches, scrambled eggs and the sausage burrito.

Egg McMuffins Are Made From Real Eggs, According To McDonald's

While it’s refreshing to know that most of McDonald’s egg items are indeed made with real eggs (with the exception of the Egg White Delight McMuffin), there are still a few more questions we’d like answered.

Even though we’re assured by Herbruck that “the eggs are laid yesterday or today,” we still don’t know where the eggs are laid or what the conditions are like for the chickens. Just because the eggs are real, that doesn’t mean that the Egg McMuffin, which has 300 calories and 750 mgs of sodium, is nutritious or part of a balanced meal.

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