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Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny !

Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny !

By: Jazmine Montgomery


The American icon Bugs Bunny known for his famous catchphrase What’s up doc , turned 75 years old Monday July 27th . Bugs Bunny has played a special role in anyone born in the 20th , and 21st century childhood. If it was him outrunning Elmer Fudd or helping Michael Jordan save the Looney tunes from living on Moron Mountain . At one point or another Bugs Bunny gave you a special childhood memory .

Even though there were many short sketches two years prior to Bugs’s debut . The original Bugs Bunny did not come about until 1940 in his debut sketch with the hunter Elmer Fudd , the short animated film brought a great success in theaters and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film . By 1942 Bugs Bunny was almost as well known as Mickey Mouse . In 1960 the  ABC network would give the famous animated rabbit his own television show the Bugs Bunny Show which ran for two seasons , and was moved from his prime time spot to reruns on Saturday mornings instead . 

In 1988 Bugs made his first blockbuster performance in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit . Since it was Disney movie , Warner Brothers would only allow Bugs to be in the movie if he received just as much time as Mickey . So to make sure no character received more air time they are only shown on screen together . In 1996 , Bugs was in another great blockbuster hit  Space Jam along with the whole Looney Tunes gang , and NBA star Michael Jordan.

Bugs Bunny is known as one of the most iconic american symbols . Bugs Bunny was the second cartoon character to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which he received in 1985. He has been spokesperson for just not Warner Brothers , but has starred in commercials for Nike , and Kool Aid as well .

Years from now , when we all have passed on . Hopefully the generations to come will be able to experience the joy we felt growing up with Bugs Bunny . Happy 75th Birthday Bugs , and thank you for all of the great memories !

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