Orlando Magic 2-1 So Far On Road Trip

The Orlando Magic continue their western conference road trip with a 2-1 record so far. After impressive wins in Minnesota and Utah, the Magic blew a 10 point lead with a little over 5 minutes left against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday, 103-101.

The Magic have shown string defensive intensity but have made mistakes on both ends of the floor that came close to (Utah) and eventually did (LA) cost them wins. Victor Oladipo still energizes the Magic’s second unit off of the bench. Tobias Harris is thriving in his natural small forward position, and Elfrid Peyton’s confidence is growing this season with each game.

But defensive lapses in intensity allowed Utah to hit nine 3-point shots, allowing Utah to make their contest competitive, The Magic eventually won 103-94. Against the Clippers, a sudden lack of ball movement, poor shot choices, and the same lack of intensity eventually cost the Magic the game against LA. An injury to Oladipo who banged knees with Jamaal Crawford with a little over 4 minute to play threw the Magic out a of whack, allowing the Clippers to come back through Crawford’s long range shooting.

The loss to the Clippers ends a 5 game winning streak for the Magic, their first since 2012. The team still has some learning to do but is off to an impressive start this season. The Next Magic game is against The Denver Nuggets on Tuesday December 8th, 9pm EST.

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