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Noah and the rock men?

Yesterday my husband and I decided to have a date night and go to the cinema to watch the premiere of Noah. We both hoped for a fantastic biblical interpretation of the story from the book of genesis, however it was sadly anything but.

The screen text used as the film opened looked very dated which immediately made me question the quality of the film. The actors wore denim like outfits very appropriate for the time Noah would have lived!

If I didn’t know the correct biblical story of Noah after watching the film I then would have considered Noah to of been a crazy insane man who enjoyed killing people, especially women and baby’s.  I also would of thought that the rock creatures actually existed and aided in the building of the ark and that the snake skin of satan is a historical or religious relic passed from one generation to the next and worn around the arm holding magical powers.

With this heretical interpretation of the story of Noah and wanting to walk out half the way through the film but we didn’t.

The film quality was also very poor one moment showing a animals and the next back to the actors the quality and picture completely different each time.

I had to laugh at the very end of the film when Noah and his family where stood on a hill with the satan snake skin wrapped around his arm and a native American cloth hung behind them.

Would I recommend this film?  One word no, as its completely not anything to do with the biblical story.  I wouldn’t even recommend it be watched purely for entertainment purposes.

I would love to know which biblical scholars were involved in the writing of this film and also which translation of the bible and was used as they have done an abysmal job with the Noah film.

The best thing about the film was spending time with my husband and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

By Abigail Karma

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