Person of The Week : Steve Harvey

            Person of The Week:  Steve Harvey
By: Jazmine Montgomery

Steve Harvey has become a household name all around America for his New York best seller Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man that was turned into a box office hit in 2012, he also his own talk show, and morning radio show as well.  Steve Harvey is nowhere close to where he wants to be, but he is definitely not where he use to be.

Broderick Steven Harvey was born on January 17, 1957 in Welch, West Virginia, but he was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Steve Harvey attended Kent State University for two years, before he dropped out to work. Before Harvey decided to start his comedic career he was an insurance salesman. At the age of 28 in 1985, when Steve Harvey won an amateur stand up comedic contest he decided to pursue a career being a comedian.  For three years of his 10-year run to the big time Steve Harvey lived in his car. Whenever he would get a gig they would put him up in a hotel, but he said right after the show was over he had nowhere to go. 

Things would change for the better for Steve Harvey in 1990 when he would be a finalist for the second annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search, which would open doors for great things like leading him to be the host of Showtime at The Apollo from 1993-2000, a starring role in 1994 on the ABC sitcom Me and the Boys which only stayed on for two seasons, which would help lead the way to his own TV Show The Steve Harvey Show which lasted from 1996-2002. In 1997, Steve Harvey joined Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley, and Centric the Entertainer on a The Kings of Comedy tour.

In 2000, Steve Harvey took on a new direction in his career becoming the host of his own morning radio show the Steve Harvey Morning show. Steve Harvey would later take bigger steps in his career by becoming the host of Family Feud  in 2010, and he wrote his first New York best seller Act like a Lady, Think like a Man which would later made be made into the Box office hit  Think like a Man in 2012.

In 2012,  Steve Harvey decided to retire from Stand up Comedy to focus more on his radio show , and start his talk show , which has brought him three Daytime Emmy awards since the shows start up in September 2012

Steve Harvey has not forgot where he came from , and is always finding ways to give back to the community . He believes in encouraging the youth as much as possible , in 2000 he started the Disney Dreamers Academy in Orlando,Fl that brings youth from all over for a weekend of learning jobs skills ,and helping them with future career opportunities . In 2009 , he began working on a mentoring program for young men that are being raised by single mothers . The young men are taught things that a father would normally teach his son how to be a man physically , and mentally . His wife also host a mentoring camp for young girls . Together Steve Harvey and his wife of seven years have started the Steve & Marjorie Harvey foundation their goal is to reach out to children , and young adults of single parent homes , and mentor them in the right direction in life ,while  instilling the importance of education.

Steve Harvey is a father of seven children and just had his first grandchild last summer. His family is very important to him , and he makes it his priority to be there for his wife and ikids as much as he can .

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