T.I. Wants To Establish Affordable Housing In Atlanta’s Gentrified Neighborhoods

 Rapper T.I. of the television show ‘The Grand Hustle’ 

T.I. has made 2018 a year to remember. He recently curated a museum that dotes on the popular rap sub-genre he is credited with creating in 2003 and released his highly-anticipated tenth studio album Dime Trap. Now, the rap-star is moving on to bigger and better things by trying to become a strong pillar in his community, starting with affordable housing in Atlanta’s gentrified neighborhoods.

During an interview with ABC News, the 38-year-old rapper explained his new mission to “buy back the block.” The initiative is in partnership with Dynasty Real Estate Development and APD-Urban Planning and management, an entity committed to buying and flipping buildings with prices that have skyrocketed due to gentrification to create affordable housing.

Born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., the award-winning artist also paired with Killer Mike to protect small local businesses from foreclosure. The venture starts with Bankhead Seafood, a fish fry two men will rebuild and re-open under the same name, with the same recipes.

“With as much growth and opportunity that’s going on in my community—and, you know, Mike’s community as well—we refuse to be left behind,” Harris shared.

T.I. is also celebrating 15 years of his Trap Muzik album and created a musical museum in its honor.

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